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Lautz Hydrology Lab

My research group is interested in understanding how physical hydrologic processes influence water quality and movement through watersheds. In particular, we research how water moves through paired surface water and groundwater systems, and how nutrients and other solutes are processed and transported by streams. We work on several specific interdisciplinary research projects, within which we used field experiments coupled with computer modeling experiments.

Lab News

Congratulations to members of the Lautz research group on their presentations at the Fall GSA meeting in Vancouver!
Our paper on modeling sources of salinity in groundwater prior to hydraulic fracturing is accepted for publication in ES&T!
Another field campaign in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru is complete!
Sarah Ledford's journal article on floodplain connection and urban stream water quality is accepted for publication in Hydrological Processes!

Graduate Study in the Lautz Lab

Are you interested in graduate study in my research group? We are looking for great students! You can read more about my ongoing research projects on my Research page.  You can read more about applying to my research program and the Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse on the Opportunities page. I look forward to hearing from you.