Please cite as: (Glose et al., 2017)

*Glose, AM, LK Lautz, *EA Baker. 2017. Stream heat budget modeling with HFLUX: model development, verification, and applications across contrasting sites and seasons. Environmental Modeling & Software, 92: 213-228. doi: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2017.02.021 Available from the following webpage: http://hydrology.syr.edu/hflux.

HFLUX is a one-dimensional transient model that calculates stream temperatures with respect to space and time using the mass and energy balance equations for temperature transport in streams. It uses initial spatial and temporal temperature boundary conditions, stream dimension information, discharge data, and meteorological data to calculate stream temperature using a finite difference method. HFLUX is written as a set of functions that run in the MATLAB environment. More information can be found in the HFLUX Documentation.

HFLUX may be downloaded using the following links. The zip file contains the MATLAB code, the data input template, documentation describing the functionality of HFLUX and a sample data set.

Download: HFLUX_3.1

Updates from HFLUX 3.0 to 3.1: Line 61 of the hflux_sensible.m file was modified to replace “z” with “z_met.” The equation was modified to use the height at which the wind speed is measured, rather than the elevation of the station, which was an error in the code.

Please send any questions or bug reports to: Laura Lautz (lklautz@syr.edu)