I have research opportunities available for graduate students interested in water resources, surface water-groundwater interaction, quantitative methods, and water-energy interactions. My research involves integration of field work and computational modeling to understand complex hydrologic systems.

Ideal candidates will have a strong background in physical science, statistics and numerical methods, and be comfortable working in challenging field conditions. Applicants must possess a BS or MS degree in hydrology, geology, earth/environmental science or a related discipline. Graduate assistantships are fully funded, include an annual stipend, health benefits, and a tuition waiver. In my group, funding is typically in the form of a combination of research and teaching assistantships and is guaranteed for 2 years for the M.S. degree and 4 years for the Ph.D. degree. Competitive fellowships are also available through the Department of Earth Sciences and through external funding agencies such as NSF (see National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship at www.nsfgrfp.org). Previous students in the Lautz group have received these fellowships and I am happy to support your application for these prestigious awards.

If after reviewing my research program you are interested in joining my research group, please send me an email (lklautz@syr.edu) that includes: 1) a CV or resume summarizing your academic accomplishments and previous field and research experience; 2) a brief summary of why you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in hydrogeology and why you are interested in joining my research group, in particular; 3) Your GPA and most recent GRE scores.

I am also a faculty participant in the new EMPOWER (Education Model Program on Water Energy Research) program. EMPOWER is a comprehensive graduate research training program that aims to prepare students with the content knowledge and professional skills necessary to pursue academic and non-academic careers at the water-energy nexus. Exciting and innovative training and funding opportunities are available through EMPOWER and I am actively recruiting students to interface with that program.

More information about applying to the graduate program in the Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University can be found here.